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Mobile bar in hotell reception.

Flexbar presents a revolutionary mobile bar that seamlessly combines style, practicality, and full flexibility. Our mobile bars are designed for quick and easy folding, allowing you to set up wherever needed and minimize storage space usage.
Made in Sweden.

Mobile Bar Excellence Redefined

Mobile bar as a reception desk.

Crafted with Precision and Passion

Un Produit Suédois

Flexbar fabrique des bars mobiles et des comptoirs de service à Gothenburg en Suède. Nous accordons toute notre attention à la qualité, la flexibilité et le design de notre produit. Nous travaillons sans relâche pour développer et adapter continuellement nos produits et toujours avoir un temps d'avance.

Nous proposons des produits flexibles, durables et de qualité, qui vous aident à créer un environnement de travail à la fois plus flexible et plus efficace.

Assemble in a Blink: Only 30 Seconds

Discover the unparalleled convenience of Flexbar.

Our mobile bar assembles effortlessly in just 30 seconds. No tools, no loose items - just swift and seamless setup. When not in use, it folds to a fraction of its size, ensuring hassle-free storage.

Versatile Functionality, Infinite Possibilities

The Flexbar mobile bar is engineered for diverse applications, from serving as a chic wine bar to facilitating the smooth check-in of conference guests indoors or outdoors. Ingeniously designed with smart solutions, our bar adapts to cover a myriad of needs. Magnetic fronts offer easy branding, while customizable holes for ice buckets provide added functionality.

Folded mobile bar. Design stainless steel.

Scandinavian Elegance for Every Setting

With its minimalist Scandinavian design, Flexbar effortlessly blends into various environments. Whether you're creating an indoor lounge or setting up an outdoor event, our products seamlessly integrate, adding a touch of sophistication to any space.

Crafted to Your Preferences:
Choose Your Material

Des matériaux personnalisables

Notre bar peut être personnalisé en faisant votre sélection parmi nos matériaux multiples. Nous prenons plaisir à adapter nos produits afin qu'ils correspondent à vos besoins et styles.

Customization Unleashed

Our commitment to adaptability goes beyond functionality. The Flexbar mobile bar can be seamlessly customized with a variety of materials, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your design preferences. Whether you prefer a classic finish, a modern touch, or something entirely distinctive, the choice is yours.

Your Vision, Our Craft:

We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to bring your ideas to life. Flexbar is ready to adapt and tailor our products to meet your specific needs, ensuring your mobile bar reflects your unique taste and style.

Mobile bar with sound absorbing wood panels

Thank you for trusting Flexbar
We're honored to be your mobile bar solution.

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